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Review: Wardah Hampers Unboxing + YOUniverse Asian Brave Look

Hello again, dreamers! This is another beauty post ;) I got beauty hampers from Wardah and Clozette Indonesia. Wardah has been my favorite Indonesian local brand because of its high quality and cheap price. I'm really happy that I got a chance to review their products in this post. No need of more blabbering, let's get it started!
The beauty hampers came in a pretty floral box and decorated nicely. The products are taped on the fabric so they won't messy when it's moved or flipped. This beauty hampers contains Wardah C-defense Serum and DD Cream shades Light, Two Way Cake shades 02, Blush On C, Lip Cream in Pink Me shades, Eyebrow Pencil in brown, and EyeXpert hi-black liner. Let's review each of them ;)

C-defense Serum and DD Cream
They got me 2 products of their C-defense with Vitamin C series: Serum and DD Cream. I will review their Serum first.
Wardah C-defense serum contains powerful antioxidant Hi-grade vitamin C for healthy-look and youthful glowing skin that keeps your skin smooth and moisturized with 5 steps: helps your skin looks brighter and younger, as antioxidant, anti inflammation, keeps your skin elasticity, and absorbed into skin layer optimally. It comes in plastic and light orange packaging, with a pipe so you need to pump it before applying to your skin. The texture is kinda thick but it's not sticky and can be absorbed quickly. Use this serum before applying another skincare or as your makeup starter.
As for their DD cream, it also contains Hi-grade vitamin C excellent antioxidant that helps to brightens your skin, make it smooth and even skin tone. DD cream is combination of lightening cream, sunscreen, and antioxidant. It also contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and SPF 30. I got mine in shade light and it suits my skin color. This DD cream is easy to blend and looks natural on my face. I love its light and not-sticky feel.

Two Way Cake
This Wardah Lightening Two Way Cake is both powder and foundation that can be used as your makeup base. It contains microcoated particles, SPF 15, oil control, and Licorine extract that helps brighten your skin. Coverage is quite good and also long lasting. The packaging is cute with light blue and white color combination, feels light, but actually quite consuming space in your makeup pouch because of its bulky packaging. I got mine in shades 02, Golden Beige. 

Blush On C
Wardah Blush On comes in 2 color each series and I got their C series: Pink and Peach/Coral. At first, I thought that the colors will be too strong for the cheek but it turns out really soft when I use it.  It's also pigmented and easy to blend. Combination of pink and coral will give you a pretty blushing cheek and can be used for a cute or sweet look.

Lip Cream 04 Pink Me
I've read a lot of positive reviews about Wardah lip cream and my mom is one of the fan. I got mine in Pink Me color, it's soft pink with matte finish. The texture of this lip cream is very creamy and the color is out with just one swipe on lips. After 2-3 minutes the lip cream will dry completely and perfectly attached (nempel) to the lips. It doesn't even transfer when I wipe it with my fingers. This lip cream quality is really good but it's difficult to remove. I already use micellar water and it's still hard to remove, and because I wiped it too hard, I think I hurt my lips, hahaha *amateur*

Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencil
It's like I'm told," It's the time for you to at least draw your eyebrow before going out, don't let it be bald." lol I always ignore my brows just because I have bangs ;p Wardah Eyebrow pencil comes with brush on the cap so you can easily use it for make the brows look more natural. I got their brown color, which is perfect for natural-looking brows. Its texture is not too hard or creamy and it doesn't hurt when I draw it on my eyebrows but, it's kinda hard to apply at first.

Next, I got this eyeliner and it's actually the pen eyeliner that I usually use for my (trademark *cough*) wing eyeliner. It has sharp brush that can help you draw the wing perfectly. From my experience, it will smudge below my eyes after some hours of application and it's the only cons that I can think of. Overall it's really worth to purchase!

Anyway, Wardah is the beauty partner for Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 and they created these 4 makeup look trends called YOUniverse:
- Genuine: True definiton to touch the depth of mindful brows.
- Faithful: Vibrant dimension to the splash of colorful mood.
- Brave: Refine lines to encourage daily extraordinary activities.
- Serene: Clear complexion to your clear beauty canvass.


For me, I think one of their YOUniverse makeup look trends that suits me is the BRAVE look, because I personally love to wear bold wing eyeliner. To be honest, I freaked out when I knew I must recreate on of these look because I don't usually wear makeup hahaha. That's why please give me some feedback on my makeup so I can be better in the future ;p
Wardah YOUniverse Asian Brave Look Makeup |
I created this look only by using Wardah product, such as: C-defense serum as the first step then I let it absorded before continue applying DD cream. Their DD cream has quite nice coverage and I love it! I add thin layer of two-way cake and my acne scars are almost gone, wow! Next step, I draw my eyebrows. Okay, I'm really not good in drawing them but who cares, this is my first time lol. Thankfully it's hidden under my bangs so it's not obviously seen ;p
Then, I added a little touch of pink on my eyelids. I used blush on as eyeshadow this time and it turned out really nice. Next one is the most important point of this look: bold wing eyeliner. I use my favorite optimum hi-black liner to draw the wing. After that, I freshen my look by applying some combination of pink and peach blush on below my eyes (you know, Japanese style lol). And to complete this look, I decideed to wear Wardah red lip cream and I look brave and fierce instantly. I'm afraid that this color is too bold for me, but I think it turns out nice and suits me well. What do you think? ;)
Anyway, you can also try to recreate these look and join the Wardah Cosmetics IFW/JFW Makeup look challenge and win Wardah cosmetics package worth each IDR 1.000.000 for 5 winners!

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