Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Graffiti Wall

Graffiti Wall Gudang Sarinah |
I think as a blogger, I don't explore enough. I mean, there are a lot of nice locations and spots to take outfit/style photos but I don't know many of them. And guess what, I found this gem in Jakarta and it's near from my house. It's called Gudang Sarinah and there are a lot of super cool and high quality mural/graffiti! It's a perfect place to have a photoshoot. But you need to note that this place is super hot so make sure to bring tissue or portable fan lol.
Graffiti Wall outfit |
Top,Pleated culottes- Unbranded // Jacket- Uniqlo // Slip-on- Stradivarius // Bucket hat- #Loony (thrifted)
I went there because of Tumpah Ruah, a monthly event where you can sell and buy everything (food, used clothes, vintage stuff, artworks, cosmetics, you name it). I actually didn't plan to shoot my #OOTD because it's freakin' hot but I did bring my DSLR. It's too pretty to pass by so I decided to just take whatever I wore that day. Surprisingly it turned out good tho. I will definitely go back to shoot some photos!

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