Thursday, February 23, 2017

GOT7 Flight Log: [Turbulence] in Jakarta 2017

I was actually fangirling so much back then but now I'm calming down because of my works and stuff. I've been following GOT7 since their debut and now I got chance to watch their performance *cry* I didn't plan to watch this fan meeting because yeah, I need to save money for something. Thankfully slash luckily I got the ticket from Samsung Galaxy G Prime x Clozette Indonesia! So here I am, writing a report for you guys! 💖
I got a ticket for green seat and guess what, I even got their album as a green ticket holder *happy kid* Anyway, before talking about the fan meeting that's held by #JPrimexGOT7, I will tell you a little bit about GOT7 in case some of you don't know who they are.
GOT7 is a boyband group under JYP that consist of 7 young handsome boys, not only Korean but some of them are from another country which are: Bam Bam from Thailand, Mark from USA, and Jackson from Hong Kong. Not only having great visual, their singing skills dan dance (of course!) are excellent. They're known for Mark and Jackson's tumbling in most of the choreography. Guess who is my bias? MARK!!! ;))
This fan meeting is held at Kota Kasablanka Hall, iGOT7 (GOT7's fandom name) had gathering when I arrived there. It's so crowded and packed but well organized. Around 6 PM the gate was opened and we went in based on our ticket's color. Fans were going crazy inside lol. GOT7 was still inside but fans were screaming even on their teaser video. I was like "Wow, this is so festive!" Just look at those stage lighting and iGOT7 light sticks!
In this fan meeting, GOT7 performed some songs from their latest album Flight Log: [Turbulence]. They started the fan meeting with a ballad song "Let Me" and continue on the next song "Prove It".
After those songs, they also introduced themselves by saying some Indonesian words like "Kalian unyu banget (you're so cute), Aku cinta kalian (I love you), and stuff. As you can guess, fans were like "KYAAAA" hahaha. They're also talking about upcoming comeback, which is in March. The next thing they did was picking fan's request on a board and answer/do it for the fans as requested.
I'm so sorry but all I could remember is Mark's lol It's peppero game and I know ahgase (iGOT7) will LOVE this! I posted this on my twitter and the engagement is crazy. JB also back-hugged Young Jae, look at those happy face lol.
After doing those requests, GOT7 continued the fanmeeting with "Boom 3x" and "Skyway" exciting performance. I have to admit that the lighting and sound system is really great ;) The atmosphere was really heated with these songs.
After a short break, they came out again to play games with 7 lucky iGOT7 (and yeah, I was not the lucky one) by randomly chose tickets from a box. Those lucky fans would pair up with each member and play mini basket ball, couple with most goals would be the winner. There's a funny story in this section! Almost all of the chosen tickets were Pink tickets and the girls behind me were screaming, sounded super disappointed like "Aaaah~ Why is it pink again? Green, please~" It didn't stop there. After those 7 fans gathering to start the game, Jackson held his couple's hand and those girls behind me were screaming again, "Aaaaa~ Jacksooon...." and then the next thing I heard was their crying sound.
The fan meeting was coming to the end, believe me it felt so short and fast T.T They went inside while VCR showing the "Hard Carry" MV making. After that, they're performing the next 2 songs which are "Fly" and "If You Do". I actually recorded some videos but the result is so bad :( I was so far from the stage.
My gallery is full of Mark, obviously because he is my bias ;)
After the performances, GOT7 promised that they'll be back in Jakarta in the future, asking fans to wait. They officially finished the fan meeting with their latest song "Hard Carry" that has a really powerful and cool choreography! Enjoy the video below ;)

As usual, fans were asking "Encore! Encore! Encore!" and they came back to the stage singing "Home Run" as the very last song of the day. At this time, situation was kinda out of control as fans were rushing to the front to see their idols closer. FYI, blue tickets holder got a chance to have a hi-touch with GOT7. Because I'm a green ticket holder, I sadly left the room lol.
1 hour 30 minutes felt so short and fast with their powerful and amazing performance and fan service. It's a fun fan meeting because they're actually very funny (more like babo ;p) on screen too. Overall I enjoyed it so much! Jaa~

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