Thursday, January 14, 2021

New Hair and 2 Days in My Life as Unemployed (lol)

This was last year's video but I hadn't post it here! After a few years growing my hair, I decided to cut it short again. It grew so long during the quarantine, and I didn't even have my "signature" bangs anymore, hahaha. The main reason I cut my hair was actually because I was already bored of it. I also thought I'd look fresh if I cut my hair short :))

So, I also made a video about 2 days in my life as an unemployed (crying huhu). I tried to be as productive as I can although I don't have a job. I'm actually a freelancer but things are getting rough these days and at that time I didn't have any ongoing projects so.... unemployed it is :p I hope you enjoy this kind of video tho!

See ya on the next post!

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