Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Year in Review: ありがとう 2019

So, it's the time for another Year in Review post again. Wow, this year feels like it has only 6 months in it, time flies sooo (too) fast! To be honest, this year was to tough for me, especially a few months earlier. It's a roller-coaster ride and I hated it for months. Thankfully, things do get better. Not easier, but definitely better, I hope.

So, what have I done in 2019?

First Time visiting Palembang
I went there for my friend's wedding and managed to explore some places and food in Palembang. It's my first time and I'm glad I went there because visiting new places always give me interesting experience ;) Anyway, you can read about my trip here: Palembang Travel Diary

Finally after years, I decided to get braces to straighten my teeth! I saved some money to do this and it's one of the reason I'm not traveling this year. It already gave so much progress so far and I'm satisfied. Worth the money and the pain, lol. Will talk about this later, on youtube video maybe? :p

Mamamoo's Fan Meeting
It was one of my lucky moment in 2019, I got free tickets to attend Mamamoo's fan meeting with my boyfie. Thanks to him who told me about the giveaway and I was like "Haaa I really love Mamamoo I want", lol. They're so pretty and adorable, and funny. And of course, NICE VOICES.

Officially a Freelancer (and broke)
Hm...just like that I suddenly stop working full time and being a freelancer. I've always wanted to try freelancing and focus on blogging (or content creating), it did happen this year. At first, it's really really tough. I was broke and also felt so useless..... 😭 Thank God it's getting better now. I hope more jobs and opportunities are coming for me in 2020!

Starting My Youtube Channel again!

Just some days ago I posted a blogpost telling I'm starting my youtube channel again. I still love blogging but somehow I think I need to try new thing, therefore I dare myself to try making videos. It's actually similar with what I'm doing so far: review, travel tips, lifestyle, but this time it's not writing but talking. And... I'm not that good at talking so I hope I can get better as time goes by, lol.
I think that's all things I can remember (good things or things that changed me) for 2019. It might not be a very good start but the last day of 2019 was indeed a happy one. I'm really grateful I could spend it with someone who means a lot for me, HAHAHA ///shy///

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