Wednesday, December 18, 2019

#japobsOOTD: Antisocial // Crop Sweatshirt + Midi Dress Coordinate

Hola! Super happy to finally write an outfit post again :') It brings back memories about how much I loved seeing people's outfit posts, inspired by them, and how I realized I'd always love fashion, hahaha. In this post I'm gonna share some tips for you who are not confident to show your belly but still want to wear crop tops/ sweatshirt like me!
This is the #japobsOOTD that I wore to attend a makeup class with Moonshot Indonesia. I was so glad to try any new makeup now, well gonna talk about that on another post, okay? There was no dress code so we were free to wear anything/ any color.
So, if you're shy or not confident showing your belly, you actually can wear some inner like tank top or t-shirt inside, but you know it's basic. I wanted to put a little bit effort (but actually this is effortless, really), therefore I was wearing my green "Antisocial" sweatshirt with a floral midi dress. I also brought my yellow sling bag to put some contrast to my outfit, and of course sneakers! I've always said this, SNEAKERS! lol. 
BONUS: Found this cute pastel gradients door T.T
// Crop Sweatshirt - Nymph Clothes //

// Floral Dress - bought in Bangkok //
// Yellow Sling Bag - Zara //
// Old Skool Platform - Vans //

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