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Food Monster Escape: Cafe Yucca, Pontianak // Instagrammable Cafe

Cafe Yucca Pontianak Blog Review |
When I visited my hometown last Chinese New Year, I also managed to visit this cute cafe called Cafe Yucca. Back then when I still lived in Pontianak, there was no such fancy/ cute cafe(s) like this (or is it just me that didn't know? haha). I knew it from one of my friend- who is a food blogger, and decided to put it on my bucket list. Cafe Yucca is located at Jl. S. Parman, Pontianak (I'll put the maps at the end of the post).
Cafe Yucca Pontianak |
Cafe Yucca |
A lot of things had changed when I visited Pontianak this time. Traveling around was easier thanks to online transportation services and it's very cheap compared to the price in Jakarta. So when I had nothing to do at home, I asked my cousin to accompany me. I actually could go there alone, but who's gonna take my photo then? Hahaha! I paid all the food and drinks, win-win solution huh? ;p
Cafe Yucca Pontianak interior |
I can say that I love this cafe so much! The interior, the ambiance, the color, the food, the price = exactly my style. It's nice to catch up with your friends, or just to take nice photos for the gram. I obviously took a lot of photos, it's so pretty for OOTD photos! 
Cafe Yucca Pontianak japobsootd |
Disclaimer: I visited this cafe around 2 months ago and to be honest I already forgot the menu's name/ exact price. 
Cafe Yucca Pontianak food |
I ordered only drinks and french fries. I checked their Instagram and found out the name of drinks I ordered: Mango Wagelaseh, Mamase Mamasa Mamakusa, and Oh Honey! (cmiiw) The Yucca Fries was around IDR 20k, the portion was pretty large and the taste was decent for its price. Drinks were around IDR 25k-30k, it's also affordable for me and they tasted good and unique, totally worth it. Imo it's pretty cheap for a cafe, I think because I compared it to the price of cafes in Jakarta? 
Cafe Yucca Pontianak drinks |
Oh Honey, Mango Wagelasih, Mamase Mamasa Mamakusa
Anyway, Cafe Yucca was a cozy place with decent menus and affordable price + it's instagrammable. Oh, it also has rooftop but when I visited it's still under construction. Give it a visit if you live in Pontianak or when you happen to visit Pontianak ;)

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