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Things to Do in Incheon (Less than 24 Hours)

Things to Do in Incheon | www.bigdreamerblog.comHola! Today's post is about my trip to Incheon last year. If you have enough time, I recommend you to make a day trip to Incheon from Seoul. It's gonna be fun and you'll go back with full tummy ;) It's located northwest of South Korea, around 1 hour from Seoul Station. To be exact, I only explored around Incheon Chinatown. Keep on reading to know more about things to do there!
Take Subway (Seoul Subway Line 1) to Incheon Station, Exit 3.
The entrance to Incheon Chinatown is across the street.
Next below I'm gonna share about things you can do in Incheon for just one day. You should bring some cash because you might want to spend your money on street food here ;))
As I said, I only explored around the Chinatown. Actually there are a lot of things to see here, it's like you're in China instead of Korea (although I haven't been to China, lol). Here is the heaven of Jajangmyeon/ Jjamppong, it's easily found anywhere here. But how do you know which one is serving the decent (or even best) food? Find out on the next point! Back to Chinatown, it has a lot of street food and snacks, some of them were kinda pricey- for the example the watermelon drink. I thought it's cute and I wanted to try, but it's overpriced for me. You can also see the Chinese temple here. Overall, it's okay to have a walk while drinking your iced drink or eating ice cream. 

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You can't miss jajangmyeon/ jjamppong when you're visiting Incheon Chinatown! If you love Korean culture and food, you must see these food anywhere. Korean people love them so much, they also usually order jajangmyeon when they're moving to new house. There are a lot of Chinese restaurants here, all you need to do is find the right place to eat. My friend and I decided to eat them at Sinseungbanjeom. It's one of the original Chinese restaurant that serves jajangmyeon/ jjamppong in Incheon and also featured in some korean program. First thing first, we need to take queue number and wait patiently. I can say that the food here was awesome! The jajangmyeon was really really good, I finished it in no time. My friend ordered jjamppong and it's also a decent one, it has clean taste. Totally recommended!

For me, Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village was the highlight of the trip. It will be yours too especially if you love colorful things and places. I will write more about this place on separate post, so I'll just tell you about it briefly here. This neighborhood is filled with fairy tale themed mural and decoration, sooo adorable 💖 I just couldn't stop taking photos there :") Plus, the entrance fee is FREE!

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