Sunday, June 26, 2016

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Hi, dreamers! I was editing photos for new post then my laptop died and won't turn on. So, I'll just post this first. I'm currently a featured blogger on WhatWeLike; where I share any beauty and styling tips for girls in Indonesia; post my #OOTD; collections. If you're interested please kindly check these blog posts ;) Subscribe too if you want more information about beauty and fashion. It's written in Bahasa tho.

Below are some blog posts I published there:
Manfaat dan Resep Infused Water
I write about the benefit of drinking infused water and how to make it. Actually I begin to drink lemon infused water again and the result is quite good ;) Click to read more!

Fun Ways to Wear Stripes
We all do love stripes, right? I write some styling tips for stripes lover, in fun way. What is your favorite way to style stripes clothes? Click here to read more ;)

A'pieu x Rilakkuma Collection 2016
Beside tips, I also write about beauty/fashion trends and updates, like this cute A'pieu x Rilakkuma collections. Click here to read more!

Watermelon Hair
The hottest summer hair trend is here: watermelon hair. Yup it's green-pink or pink-green ombre hair which resembles our favorite summer fruit; watermelon. Dare to try? Read more here.

You can also see my #OOTD there:
Yummy // Campus Look (when I don't even go to campus anymore #old) // Bomber Chic.

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