Thursday, January 8, 2015

Street Wear

Tee- Vision Street Wear // Skirt- Unbranded // Jersey- Erigo // Backpack- Jansport // Snapback- My bro's // Sneakers- New Balance
Yo! Finally the first post of 2015. I just submitted my final project yesterday, I can say it's (group work) still half done except the personal report. Let's just wish for good result! How's your new year? Have you made new resolutions? I have a realistic resolution to do and it's no other than GRADUATE this year, hahaha. Oh, and maybe lose some weight? I just realized I gained 13kg in one year, lol. I'm not a diet type person but most of my clothes don't fit me anymore #savemei'scloset. I still love eating though.
I got my jersey from Erigo when I visited Jakcloth. Bought it because it has katakana on the back and it's just cool. I want to put some kawaii badges on it! Tried to wear headband but my bangs was so annoying, and I think I look better with snapback. Should I cut my bangs short again? This has been my dilemma these days ;p

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