Friday, January 30, 2015

Wanderlust: Ah Poong, Sentul City

Christmas holiday? Oh please don't imagine snow and the cold weather! This is even hotter than the summer out there, lol. I went to Sentul last Christmas, it's not far from Jakarta but sure has a lot of family leisure places to visit. I went to three locations in one day and I will divide it into two posts (+video). I will show you Ah Poong in this post ;)
Ah Poong is basically a 'floating' food court over a stream. It's another branch of Eat&Eat which is pretty popular in Indonesia. I arrived there around 10 a.m., and when you enter the location you'll see this sign of Blue Bridge and Red Bridge.
This is the Blue Bridge which is a 'solid' bridge that connects you from the entrance to the food court.
If you continue to walk straight from the sign, you will pass this and find another bridge; Red Bridge. This Red Bridge is a drawbridge (how to say jembatan gantung in English?) that also connects you to the another side of the food court.
Colorful chairs in the food court. Cute!
You have to use this card to pay everything, just buy it at the cashier and you can refund it later. These are what I ate that day (some on the video):
Mie Aceh
Mango & Strawberry snow ice
There is a pond behind the food court which allows you to ride the boat.
Bring along Doraemon with me that day :)
Because it's still in Christmas mood, I saw some Christmas decorations there. This Santa Claus balloon thingy is so cute!
Beside Blue Bridge and Red Bridge, there's another bridge that connects you to the Eco Park; Yellow Bridge.
Ikkudo Ichi! I would eat here if I knew there's Ikkudo here, hahaha. It's so beautiful, don't you think so? I usually eat the one in the mall T-T
When you enter the Eco Park, you will see these statues and a big robot there. It's a park with a lot of trees and flowers, and some educational things.
Would love to try this if I'm not this big, meh.
This is a parabola, if you speak to this one, it will be heard from the parabola at another side. I didn't try it tho.

Overall, it's a fun place to visit. It's less crowded in the morning, but I think it'll be really full near the lunch/dinner time. I'll recommend you to come at the late afternoon, it'll be cooler and enjoyable. Note that I got tanned because of taking photos for the blog, lol.

How to get there: Go through Tol Jagorawi and take exit at Tol Sentul Selatan 1 (from Jakarta) or simply put "Ah Poong Sentul City" on your google maps, hahaha ///_///

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