Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review: ありがとう 2014

As I get older, a year passed in a blink of an eye and I think I didn't do much this year. Still, I'm thankful for everything happened this year. Just like last year, I'm going to make a highlight post so the future me won't forget. In my fifth year blogging, I realized my passion for blogging is beyond my expectation, hehe.

So, highlight special of my 2014:

1. Celebrating CNY in Pontianak
It's my first time celebrated Chinese New Year in hometown after two years absence. I was so lucky because I had 3 weeks holiday (it's usually just two weeks) although I needed to finish my 3D assignment. I wish I could celebrate it in Pontianak again next year :"(

2. The First Winner of Grand Indonesia Fashion Heaven Blog Competition
This is seriously my greatest moment of 2014! I did my best to write this post, went to Grand Indonesia and wandering alone to take the fashion tenants photos and video. When I got the announcement via email and saw my name as the first winner, I was in disbelief and checked it again and again, lol. 

3. Best Reviewer of Aikatsu! Launching Event
I was so excited to attend this event because I love anime, and spent five hours to write the report so the readers can enjoy too. Turned out I'm one of the best reviewer :D

4. My First Fashion Show Ever
It started with a dream several years ago. Although it's a mini fashion show, I have experienced one of my big dreams. I'll do my best so I can attend more fashion shows and events in the future.

5. The Born of Wanderlust 
I put something new in the title: Wanderlust. Traveling always be my resolution every year, but I can't really do it. It will also in my bucket list next year and I'll work hard to achieve it! This year I just went to somewhere near, like Pontianak, Cimahi, and Bogor. I also made some travel video, but haven't had time to edit and upload them :(

Overall, I think I did well this year. I'm proud of myself to at least improve in blogging. The last five months was actually really tough because of my final project, but I wish my friends and I can pass the trial. I wish "Graduated from UMN" will be in my highlight list next year!

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