Sunday, December 14, 2014


Too cute packaging!
Would like to try this someday, when I bring much money ;p
Not a fan of Taylor Swift, but I took this photo because my friend love her.
Cute cases but not for Galaxy Note me new phone!! lol
Temporary (cute) tattoo is hot these days
It's so cute but my nose is sensitive so I can't stay long here :(
Yo! I think this is my first TGIF moment after months because I always stay at home, in front of my laptop with korean variety shows and final project. Okay, I'm not a TGIF person to begin with. Last Friday I went to Serpong to do group project, then I went to Summarecon Mall Serpong with my partner in crime Sary while waiting my dad to pick me up. I didn't know that The Meet Market was held there, so this is actually an unplanned post, and the photos are all from my Galaxy Note II. The pop up stores was actually much more than these, it's just I didn't take photos of them, gomen. We also tried the infamous jeju ice cream, turned out just so-so.

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