Sunday, October 19, 2014

Take Off Mask

Dress- New Look // Shirt, necklace- Uniqlo // Backpack- id girl // Sneakers- Converse
Yulu と Lipi
Finally got time to blog about this. I met my friend Yulia from Bandung, Windy, and Livia a few weeks ago. I feel like an antisocial because I never hang out with my friends, especially after I moved into my parents' house, hahaha. To make it worse, I never drive in Jakarta plus I don't know the way to certain places. We did what hangout-with-your-friends usually do: eating, watching movie, gossiping, shopping, and for me taking outfit photos. I actually didn't buy anything besides food, but it's enough to make me broke for a week, lol. It was korean food day, we ate at Kyochon and School Food. School Food's toppoki was super spicy, too spicy that we didn't finish it. We also ate Sumoboo but I didn't take any photos.

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