Saturday, October 11, 2014

One Day Bogor [I]

Found this beautiful location on the freeway, but blame my poor photography skill (and my mom is not familiar with 50mm lens), the photos are not that beautiful. We can't stop there too long, so we left.

Toge Goreng
Tajur was our first stop, it's actually an area with some bag and shoes stores, restaurant, and kid's playground. I used to buy cute bags here, but when I went there, I couldn't find any good bags anymore. They also sell replica of branded bags, sorry I didn't take photos of the store. I actually didn't go for shopping, I went there to EAT! There are so many food stalls there, selling Indonesian food. I ate toge goreng, siomay, bakso, and cincau. The bakso was sooo good, and cheap too. Anyway, my outfit photos were taken here :) See ya on the next post! 

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