Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One Day Bogor [II] // Warso Farm


So, after ate some snacks (yes, those food are snacks for me), we headed to Warso Farm. Warso Farm is durian and dragon fruits farm located on Cihideung, Cipelang, Bogor. It's pretty far from Tajur, and it's so high. I was tired just by sitting in the car, hahaha.
You'll see these statues when you arrived. Oh, that's my dad lol.
I planned to make a video, but so sorry I totally forgot! The photos above are some of views that caught my eyes.
Had some durian, but it's not really good :I
Empty farm :(
Overall, it's below my expectation. I thought of some farm with durians and dragon fruits where we can take it ourselves. Unfortunately, it's not the season so there were no any fruits.... The durians were not in the best taste either. The positive point was this peaceful scene, it's so quite and all I could hear is the stream's sound. Such a healing. 


We're going to Kampung Air after the Warso Farm. I ate too much durians and had gastric problem plus I was freakin' hungry I could eat you (ups!). It's so crowded and we're in waiting list, I was already beyond my hungriness, so no food photos! Ah, except the toge (again).

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