Sunday, October 18, 2020

Just a random wishlist

Hola! I wanted to write this post a few weeks ago but just managed to write it today. Well, this is just a random post, I just want to share what I've been eyeing these days-- just like old days hahaha. Actually I've bought one of my wishlist so yeah it's okay. Still want to write tho :p

First of all, the reason I write this is to just pour my mind because I think about them a lot. It's also can be a reminder and motivation for me to work harder to get them. So let's just get started!

iPad Pro 2020 (and Apple Pencil)

...hahaha ((laugh first)). I actually have an iPad mini, I got it when I won an competition but I don't really can use it to do anything. It only has 16GB storage T.T So, the reason I want an iPad Pro is to draw! I planned to pursuit my dream to be an illustrator again. Idk I'm just bored with my life lately. I've actually wanted an iPad since Procreate came out, but it's not my priority. I still can use Photoshop to draw, and I even have Wacom Cintiq. I know I have to be grateful but what's wrong with dreaming right? I don't either to buy 11" or 12.9" tho....

The price is so expensive for me, that's why I decided I will just buy it later when I can be more and more productive on creating illustration and contents. Or when I can finally grow my Youtube channel until at least 1.000 subscribers haha. Please help me!!! :p SUBS HERE~


Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise)


Actually I've bought it. HAHAHA. I wanted to buy it since Animal Crossing: New Horizons release but I managed to hold it. Then, suddenly I came across My Hero Academia game and the urge to buy the console reached its peak again! So I just bought it and planned to make contents out of it. At least I can be more productive and feel less guilty :")

I wanted to buy the normal one but my friend said that it's enough to buy lite version. It's cheaper and has more colors too. I'm sold. I wanted to buy coral pink first, but in the end I prefer Turquoise one. It's so pretty~ I even made pro and cons buying Nintendo Switch then buy it anyway the next day. Huh.


My Hero One's Justice 2 and One Piece: Pirates Warrior 4

Why I always spend money on something like thisss..... JUST BECAUSE I loveee the manga and anime hahaha so shallow. Later Mei. You gotta save some money first. Just play your Animal Crossing now :p

Shu Uemura x One Piece

Okay, I think this one will stay as a wish list only. I don't think I can afford it T.T So expensive for makeup, just not the right time dude. 

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