Sunday, September 20, 2020

#japobsOOTD: Oversized T-shirt + Skirt/ Dress

Hola! In this post I'm gonna show you one of my favorite style to wear these days. I always love oversized t-shirt, and I also actually love this laid-back style but sometimes wear something like can be looked as not-neat-enough. Now, I don't really care because it's my personal taste anyway + I don't really have anywhere to go since corona virus is still out there (grrr).

with Tulle Skirt

I wore this on New Year, at that time I never imagined year 2020 would be like this T.T Apparently I was so lazy to go out because the Malls would be so crowded but I wanted to eat something good so I dragged myself out with this Mickey Mouse oversized tee from Uniqlo, Tulle skirt that I bought at GU in Japan, Miklfed sling bag from Mini magazine, and platform sandals from MKS Shoes (Indonesian local brand). This sandals is their gift for me, they always spoil me with their shoes omg!

with Floral Dress Beneath

I usually wear dress over the t-shirt, but this time I wanted to try something new. Well, actually I didn't want anything to pressure my waist (I gained some weight lol) so I just decided to wear it that way, COMFY COMES FIRST hahaha. This Stussy oversized t-shirt is also my favorite, it's thrifted! Still the same sling bag as before but I wore my favorite Nike M2K Tekno sneakers. It's my most expensive sneakers and it took quite long time for me to decide whether to buy or not.

with Short Skirt... or Skort

Yesss, oversized t-shirt definitely can look cute with some short skirt, or in my case: skort. This is actually not skirt but it does look like one ;p I wore this Elvis t-shirt that's actually my dad's + handmade sling bag that my mom knitted for me. This one is another laid-back outfit~ I think mask is already part of our outfits now, huh?

That's all for today post! I will come back with another outfit and beauty posts, stay tuned pleaseee.
Jaa ne~

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