Thursday, November 14, 2019

teamLab Future Park in Jakarta, Indonesia

teamLab Future Park in Jakarta |
teamLab Future Park is finally here in Jakarta, Indonesia! I'd been putting it on my trip wish list for a while, who knew I could visit it without taking a trip to Japan, lol. It's located on second floor of Gandaria City, from 20th June to 20th December 2019. I actually went there with my fellow blogger friend, she got free tickets and I was her +1. Thanks to her, I don't need to pay to get in there :p
In case you don't know, teamLab Future Park is an interactive art exhibition where you can imagine, play, and explore. The theme here is "Future Park and Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives." It has 5 installations/ interactive artworks: 

1. Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives
Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives
This is the first installation you'll find when you enter the exhibition. It's dark and you can see some animals walking on the walls with flowers on their bodies. Try to touch or stroke the animals and the flowers will bloom and flying around. The animals can even look at you, I was so amazed. The background music was also so dreamy, I can still remember it right now :))

2. Graffiti Nature: Lost, Immersed, and Reborn
Graffiti Nature |
After go through the first installation you'll enter this huge room- similar dark room but with different graphics. There are two huge whales here, with interactive things like flowers, butterfly, and some creatures that we can create ourselves. They provide a room where we can choose any animals, color and scan it, then it will appear on the dark room outside. Step on it, and it will scatter into splash of colors.

3.  Light Ball Orchestra
Light Ball Orchestra |
This is one of my favorite because it's colorful, but I was a little bit dizzy because it's quite noisy lol So, if you touch or hit the balls, its color will change and release sound. When you touch one ball, it will affect another balls in the entire room, creating music like orchestra.

4. Sketch Aquarium
Skecth Aquarium |
Another fun activity to do in teamLab Future Park is coloring sea creatures to fill in the "aquarium". It's gonna be fun for kids (and adults too!). Just like before at Graffiti Nature, we can choose any sea creatures we like and coloring them, then scan it and it will appear on the screen. This 'aquarium' is filled with various kind and colors of sea creatures, and we can even feed them by touching the food bag. Huhu so cute~

5. Sliding through the Fruit Field
Sliding through the fruit field |

Say hi to my top favorite part: sliding through the fruit field. It was super fun that I did it numerous times, hahaha. My inner kid was coming out ;p Basically, we just sliding down, and when we touch the balls, it will bounce around and when it collides with the fruits, the fruits will grow. The sound is also so pleasing, I love it T.T
Notes: Tripod, monopod, and selfie stick are not allowed. Come with your friends to help you take photos and tbh it's much more fun to come with your friends/ family. Oh, also wear white/ light color clothes so your picture will look better ;)
Ticket Price is IDR 150.000 (weekdays) and IDR 175.000 (weekend). I will suggest you to check some websites, who knows you can get discount or any promos! Guys, better be quick because next month it will be over T.T Sorry I just published this right now ;")

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