Saturday, June 15, 2019

Life Update: Freelancing

Hola, Dreamers! This post has been in draft since 20 May 😅 Now I'm writing this because I miss blogging so much! As you can see I post much less than usual, some things just happened and I was not really in the mood to write. Long story short, I am now officially a freelancer! I had already planned it since the beginning of this year, but things just didn't go accordingly to my plan-- I mean the timing didn't go as I planned, but it's okay. It's just happened sooner, although I was not well prepared. 

I am now working as video editor, motion graphic designer, and of course blogging- or so called content creator (don't really like being called influencer, tbh). I have sooo many ideas in my head about things I want to do, gonna make it happen one by one. Well, still much procrastinating but I will work on it! 

Hopefully I can write more and more here, for daily content you can follow my instagram: @japobs. I usually post about my outfit, beauty things, lifestyle, travel, fun things to do, etc. See ya on the next post! ((Hm why it's kinda hard to write a blogpost now... I don't know what to write anymore lol))

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