Saturday, October 27, 2018

Moment of Refresh with Ovale and Absolute Women at Pulau Ayer

Hola, Dreamers! Last weekend was not my typical stay-at-home weekend because I was having a Moment of Refresh with ClozetteID, Ovale, Absolute Women, and fellow bloggers at Pulau Ayer. If you're following me on Instagram and saw my instastories, you probably knew what I was doing there. But if you don't, worry not because I'm gonna share the fun stuff here ;) Keep on reading!
Long story short, I was chosen as one of the winners after posting the Refreshin Kit I got. With another 11 bloggers and influencers (Patrishiela and Salmaa), we were going to Pulau Ayer for 2D1N (20-21 October 2018). We were told to gather at Dermaga 16 Marina Ancol at 6.45 AM and departed to the island at 8 AM. I didn’t expect Pulau Ayer would be so close to Jakarta, it’s just around 20 minutes with speed boat. 
When we arrived at Pulau Ayer, we were welcomed by some Biawak (lizards, looks like Komodo) by the shore. Thankfully it’s tamed so we didn’t need to worry. We also got welcome drink, some explanation about the island and do + don’ts of the island. After that we got free time to explore the island and took photos of the instagrammable spots. Guess what, I was bitten by the red ants :”) So be careful when you step on the sands area!
Next, we finally started the Moment of Refresh with a workshop with Ovale, which was making 3D Art Popcard with our polaroid photo. It’s actually fun but so hoooot under the sun, lol. While we're working on the card, they explained about the product; Ovale Micellar Water. Not only for removing makeup, it's also can be used as cleanser in the morning to freshen the face before doing any activities. Furthermore, it's available in travel size so it's easy to bring anywhere.
After lunch we got another free time to go back to our room. We're staying at Pulau Ayer Floating Cottage, it's a room for two and full of traditional vibes. My bad, I didn't take any proper photos-- just shot some videos. We got surprise on the bed: lots of Ovale and Absolute Women products with a pink t-shirt for the group game later.

I was in team Absolute with Patrishiela as the team leader, the Treasure Hunt game we were playing was kind of Running Man game (if you watch the variety show). It was fun, full of laugh and sweat-- because we're running around the island, lol. Thankfully we won so all the efforts weren't wasted in vain.
Last schedule on the first day is Awarding Night, we're told to come to the venue with white/pink dresscode. There was also fashion show but our team's was a mess, I forgot how to walk like the plan because I was too nervous :")) It's still okay tho, at least we're having fun! Although we didn't win the fashion show, we still won the Treasure Hunt, right? I also won the Best Flatlay that night, totally unexpected! Tee-hee~
We started our day 2 with breakfast then continue to do Pound Fit by the sea. Seriously a workout with a view! It's such a fun experience for me, thanks Absolute Women to make this happened. 
By the way, do you know that it's very important to clean our V area with proper cleanser after workout? Absolute Hypoallergenic cleanser is formulated with pH 3.5 to maintain the balance of normal flora in feminine area hence itching and odor. It's also safe for daily use. Avoid using regular body soap for our V area because the pH is too high.
Anyway, it's a fun Pound Fit although it's super hot :))
Day 2 was quite short because we're gonna leave after lunch. Thank you ClozetteID, Ovale, and Absolute for this short but fun weekend getaway! It's sure a moment of Refresh before going back to the routine (dealing with traffic and works + deadlines, ugh!) See ya on next fun trip~

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