Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Event Report: Wardah Days at Gandaria City

Wardah is a well-known beauty brand in Indonesia, especially for its halal products. Earlier this month— 2-7 October 2018 to be exact, they held Wardah Days at Gandaria City. I was invited by Wardah and BeautyJournal to experience the event. Basically there were some booths and one stage for a lot of fun activities. Let’s keep reading to know more about the event ;)
They had this booth where all products from Wardah were being showcased. The products were divided by category such as Body Fragrance, Wardah Shampoo, Lighting series, C Defense, Acne Derm. 
Here are Instaperfect series:
After some speech from Wardah’s PR, we’re devided into 5 groups contained of 3 members. We were gonna try the booths one by one, such as: selling booths, skin check, hair check, photo booth (seriously they had cute backdrop!), makeup class booth, and also Wardah products display. 

1. Selling Booth
Just like its name, we could buy Wardah products here. There were also promos and discount up to 40%, I resisted hard not to buy anything because I was saving for my Bandung trip, lol. 

2. Skin Check Booth

This was my first time getting my face checked. I was kinda afraid of the result because I don't really take care of my skin as much as most girls do. Turned out, just like I expected, my skin age was higher than my original age :") I'm still struggling with my acne and weird skin condition tho, so sad. I hope it can turn better!

3. Hair Check Booth

I also got my hair and scalp checked at Wardah hair check booth! Thankfully I got good result for my hair condition ;)) Oh, if you have problems with your hair, the beauty advisor can help you choosing which products to use. 

4. Photobooth
They seriously have cute backdrop for you to take instagrammable pictures. My favorite combination of pink x blue is everyone's favorite spot to take photos. There was also Instaperfect booth where they also showcased the products like cushion, blush, lipstick, etc. Heaven for pink and pastel color lovers.
5. Makeup Class Booth
You can get makeover here or learning some makeup techniques from the experts. Psst, you can also try the new Instaperfect products here ;)
Actually, there would be some talkshows about beauty and lifestyle, Indonesian singers performance, etc. It hadn’t started when I was there so I didn’t see any of those activities. 
Thanks for having me! ;)

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