Friday, June 15, 2018

#japobsOOTD: Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Wide Leg Jumpsuit Outfit |
Hola, Dreamers! I'm gonna share one of my favorite outfit today ;) I took these pics last year, you can see my hair was still so short. I've wanted to share it here but yeah, didn't do it until today. I love this look so much and I think it'd be a waste if I don't write a post about it. Anddd, maybe it can be inspiration for you too (I wish!). 
My mom was visiting Bangkok and bought me some clothes- because it's super cheap there. OMG I wanna go there so I can shop-till-drop by myself, lol. When I first saw this jumpsuit, I was kinda confused how to style it, and I also thought that it wouldn't look nice on me. Then, turned out I could pull it off (imo), what do you think? I wore it with stripes bell-sleeves top (you can see other look here), white sneakers, cute beret hat, and mini sling bag. It was really a good decision to add beret hat- as expected it can turn any average outfit into extraordinary one. 

Last but not least, I just want to encourage you to express yourself better in fashion. I've been through some stages before I am now and I'm so grateful I can finally do (and wear) whatever I like without thinking too much about how people think. Challenge yourself to mix and match- with your personal style of course- any fashion items. It's fun anyway :))

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