Friday, June 29, 2018

#japobsOOTD: That Mandatory IKEA Photo Spot

I bet you've seen this kind of photos before, huh? It's like the most mainstream photo spot when IKEA first opened in Alam Sutera, Indonesia a few years ago. I actually took outfit photos here before and I went there again a few weeks ago with my colleagues, didn't want to waste the chance to create new content for this blog ;))
Oh, I remember back then when we don't need too much "effort" to take outfit photos for blog. I mean, we (mostly) just focus in expressing/showing our style/outfit/look without thinking too much about the background. Corner of the bedroom, in front of white wall, etc as long as we can show the whole outfit. These days, it may look boring to show the same background continuously in your blog/ Instagram posts, right? People are "racing" to find the aesthetic spots to create the great photos. But yeah, things change and it's not always bad. I love cute and eye-pleasing places tho. It DOES make outfit photos turn out great! 

I went to IKEA with my colleagues on the Idul Fitri holiday, it's not as crowded as I expected, thankfully. Won't say too much about what we did there, I'll just tell you about the outfit. I wore a T-shirt from Skelly, it's really comfortable! Paired it with newly bought cropped pants with ring belt, also added a denim jacket- because as always, outerwear saves the day, lol. To complete the look, I wore my Mint Onitsuka Tiger sneakers and Nike mini backpack. I loooove the color of this bag, bought it because I fell in love at the first sight (with the color combo ;p). What do you think?

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