Monday, April 9, 2018

Question is, Are You Really Happy?

This question just suddenly appeared on my mind when I saw my outfit pics. We all know that it's impossible to be happy ALL THE TIME. This made me think about how people can hide their emotion with a smile, or to be frank, on their Instagram feed. Tbh, I was not the happiest I could be that day, but somehow the photos just turned out like that. I look so happy in this photo. 
My conclusion is, not everything you see in Instagram feed (or anywhere) is beautiful reality. We don't know the story behind, or how we are all struggled to reach that certain point in our life. In the end, just don't compare your life with what you see in the internet. Keep doing things you love and stay true to yourself, Dreamers!
Oh, I love my outfit that day, tho.
I didn't plan the color combo of black, white, and yellow but it turned out really nice!

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