Monday, April 23, 2018

How to Look Casual with Plaid Blazer

How to Look Casual with Plaid Blazer Blog |
Hi, Dreamers! As some of your may already know (or not?) I've always love outerwear. Denim jacket, windbreaker, bomber jacket, you name it. And guess what, now I'm addicted to plaid blazer! Imo, you don't have to look formal everytime you wear blazer, especially when it comes to plaid blazer. There are a lot of fun way to style it, but this time I'm gonna share about how to look casual with plaid blazer. Because...yeah, I mostly wear casual outfits ;)
Casual Plaid Blazer Style |
You can never go wrong with denim to create a casual look! I wore this denim cropped jeans with Minnie Mouse tee and added the plaid blazer. I'm into character tees so much, that's why you will often see me in one of those tees. This outfit is like combining 3 of my favorite items; character tee, denim, and plaid blazer. Well, it'd be all kill if I wore sneakers, lol. I decided to wear this cute sandals instead of sneakers that day, just because. 
How to Look Casual with Plaid Blazer |
What do you think about this look?
How will you style your plaid blazer?

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