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Shimokitazawa Walk // Things to Do

Things to Do in Shimokitazawa |
Before we continue to another Osaka or Kyoto posts, let's move on to Tokyo first this time! I really can't wait to share this pretty neighbourhood to you guys: Shimokitazawa. Shimokitazawa is located in Setagaya, Tokyo, a heaven for fashion, cafes, theaters, bars, and live music lovers. If you're into vintage shopping, artsy mural, instagrammable cafes and restaurants, or music, you NEED to have a walk here. Such an eyegasm I can say! Keep scrolling to know more about how to get there, what you can do/find, and what to eat in Shimokitazawa (or Shimokita). Go go! πŸ‘Š
Shimokitazawa Walk Japan |
How to get to Shimokitazawa |
 | How to get there: 
Shimokitazawa is just two stations away from Shibuya or Shinjuku, so it's not difficult to reach at all. You need to take Odakyu Line from Shinjuku or Keio Inokashira Line from Shibuya to Shimo-kitazawa Station
What you can do/find here:
Vintage Fashion Shops in Shimokitazawa |
 | Vintage/Used Fashion Stores  
When I got out from the station, I already spotted a lot of pretty used-clothing store. Your Shimokitazawa walk officially start from the second you step out of Shimo-kitazawa Station! Shimokita is really famous for their vintage/used fashion stores for both women and men, from local designer to high end brand + amazing interior. I was really amazed when I noticed there are A LOT OF stylish fashionista teenagers there. Seeing boys in group going shopping? I love it, lol. Present you the photo spam of Shimokitazawa vintage/used fashion stores. γ©γ†γ„γŸγ—γΎγ—γ¦  ;p

Flamingo Shimokitazawa |

Used Vintage Fashion in Shimokitazawa |
I really really wanted to buy something from those vintage shops, but the price is actually pretty expensive for used clothes. I need to admit that they have unique and high quality pieces, unfortunately my budget was pretty much used up. It was 2 days before my trip ended after all, hahaha.
 | Pretty Front Store  
Shimokitazawa is a heaven for pretty front store hunters around the world! Those restaurants/fashion shops did good job in decorating their front store, hands down πŸ’˜ You know what I mean right? Just strolling around and passing those pretty stores was a healing for my eyes, hahaha.
Avocado Front Store in Shimokitazawa |
Front Store in Shimokitazawa |
Was gonna try that pancake house, but there's long queue when I went back, so maybe next time :(
Cake Front Store in Shimokitazawa |
Pretty Front Store in Shimokitazawa |
 | What to eat: 
Beside fashion, Shimokita also has a lot of food to offer from Japanese food to western food like Mexico or Italian cuisine, and again with pretty inrterior and exterior design πŸ’– It's a pity I didn't explore much because I was too hungry and it's super cold (I legit wore wrong outfit, cry), but I managed to search what to eat in Shimokitazawa from my phone and I decided to try Nagi ramen.
What to eat in Shimokitazawa | www.bigdreamerblog.comNagi Ramen is one of the recommended food at Shimokitazawa, I decided to try it because I haven't had any ramen in anchovy broth before. To be honest, I was about to pass this one because the anchovy smell was SO STRONG and fishy 😱 Then I went back again because didn't want to spend more time for searching. Let's enter the restaurant!

This ramen house is quite small, and typically Japanese restaurants, there are seats in front of the chef (?) so you can wait while watching them preparing your ramen. First, we need to order the ramen from the machine and give it to the chef. You also get free cold water here.

Nagi Ramen in Shimokitazawa |
 | How is the taste? 
It's actually yummy! It has thick anchovy broth but surprisingly not that fishy and I totally can handle it. The ramen itself is chewy and really really enjoyable. I actually think it'd be super oishii if it's spicy (typically Indonesian who loves spicy food, lol). It was getting saltier and saltier and in the end I can't handle it anymore, hahaha. Gomen ne, it's really good but getting too salty :( Maybe you should avoid putting too much pepper.
If you're not into that Nagi Ramen, Shimokitazawa actually offers a lot of nice restaurant choices. One of the famous Ichiran Ramen branch also located in Shimokita. I'd love to come back and try those food. And that kebab actually looks good tho. Now I'm drooling, cool.
Restaurants in Shimokitazawa |
Ichiran Ramen in Shimokitazawa |
Overall, it was an enjoyable walk despite the rain and cold weather + wrong outfit. How I wish I could've worn something warmer and in fit condition to explore more about this lovely neighbourhood. But sad no more, I can always be back :)) Have you heard about Shimokitazawa? What are you gonna do there? I'd love to know πŸ’– Jaa, see ya on the next post! Kindly follow my instagram for more updates ;)

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