Monday, March 13, 2017

Wanderlust: Solo Escape to Bogor

This was actually so last year, literally last year. I actually had some problems when I decided to have my solo escape. My mind was a mess and I felt terrible so I need my solitude. I'm originally random and impulsive, fyi. I went to Bogor, Kebun Raya Bogor to be exact.
Kebun Raya Bogor is a botanical garden filled with any kind of plants, trees, etc. which is operated by Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI) or in english: Indonesian Institute of Sciences. The area is really huge and divided by some categories. For more information you can read it on the website or even Wikipedia. I'll just tell you briefly here, hehe.
I went there by commuter line from Pasar Minggu station (the one near my house) to Bogor Station. It will take around one hour to touch down and costs only IDR 5.000. There's no seat booking system in commuter line so if you're lucky you will sit, and if will stand up for the whole trip :p

I used angkot number 03 to get to Kebun Raya Bogor and bought the ticket for IDR 14.000. It's my first time visiting Kebun Raya Bogor and I was amazed by this huge gate and the greenery scene!
My trip to Bogor was actually for riding the bicycle around the Kebun Raya area, lol. I rented the bicycle for IDR 15.000 an hour and had to pay the fines because I was late to return it. I didn't mind that because I was totally happy and enjoyed the ride! You need to note that some area is uphill and be ready to get your calf in shape ;p

Along my bicycle ride, I did a lot of fun things. I thought that I'm really an expert when it comes to enjoy my solitude hahaha. I visited zoologi, museum, hanging bridge, took a lot of photos, just enjoying the scene while cycling. It was such a healing for my mind :)
I went back to the zoology museum after returning the bicycle. It's filled with a lot of species of animal such as mammals, insects, poultry, reptile, amphibian, mollusks, and invertebrates. It's fascinating because I actually love to see weird creatures but I'm really scared of animals in the real life, especially insects. Ugh!
Such a huge crab! Can't wait to see the real one ;)) 

My escape wouldn't be complete without FOOD! You can find a lot of super-yummy food across the Kebun Raya Bogor. My favorite food ever is toge (bean sprouts), hahaha. So there's Indonesian cuisine called Toge Goreng (Fried Toge) but it's not actually fried, it's boiled. It's combination of toge, tauco sauce, noodle, tofu, and oncom (fermented tempeh). Weird? But the taste is really delicious!! You must try it when you visit Indonesia or Bogor ;)
I ended my escape by praying at a monastery called Vihara Dhanagun across the road.
You can also watch my short video about this solo escape here:

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