Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Sausage. おいしい~
I went to Ennichisai last Saturday with my friends. It's a Japanese summer festival located in Blok M area, Little Tokyo. I will come back to that area to take outfit photos and EAT for sure! :)) It's so crowded and hot, and fyi I don't really like crowded place but it's full of Japanese culture so it's fine. I went there with bus, it's my first time ride a bus from Tangerang to Jakarta. We arrived there around 3 P.M. and all I could do was looking for food! I had class in the agternoon and I hadn't eaten anything. I ate yakisoba and didn't take any photos of it because I was just TOO HUNGRY. I enjoyed the festival until night, ate a lot of delicious food, and of course went there with friends was fun!
I will post the video on next post because I have to fix the audio problem. I used YUI's song and it's muted because of copyrights matter :(

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