Saturday, June 28, 2014


Jumper/dress- H&M // Socks- Uniqlo // Creepers- GOSH // Bag- Stradivarius
Hello again! I've finally finished my final exam, and feel so free. Okay maybe not because I must prepare my final project/thesis. Just let me enjoy this short leisure time :") These 3 weeks have been really tough. I rarely sleep properly, just a few hours -while waiting for the rendering-, or didn't sleep at all. Stayed in my campus, awake all night long. Hectic schedule and deadlines. It was really tiring, and frustrating. Somehow I'm proud because I could survive.
Anyway, this outfit photos were taken a few weeks ago, when I attended Grand Indonesia 5th Anniversary event. It was a great chance for me, I could meet some of fashion bloggers and saw the fashion shows directly, ah and went to the backstage too :) I will post about it soon! Stay tuned~
What I got for winning 1st place of the Blog Writing Competition :D I've used the gift card to buy watch, yatta!

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