Monday, September 17, 2012


bleach manga
cat photo
cat pose
cat image
Nothing is better than going home ;')
I bought the new Bleach, it's the last book of Arrancar chapter. 48 books for 1 chapter!
I took some photos at my neighborhood. I love how cat can 'pose' when you take the photo :p I still have some cat photos, I'll post it later! I'm actually afraid of cat, that's why I set my camera to the max zoom lol.
Busy uni-days have come! I can't spend my spare time browsing and blogging all day long anymore. There are a lot of assignments to do, and I think this term will be much harder and tougher than before, so I must work harder. It's not easy for comforting myself with this condition after a long holiday, really :(
And I gotta go now, comic making class on 8 o'clock ;)) Ciao!

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