Monday, September 10, 2012

Cute Illustration by Monsa [Scan]

candy bird
yumiko kayukawa
akira ebihara
juri ueda
As I said before, this is some illustration I love from Cute Illustrations by Monsa :))
I wish I could scan all of the illustrations but I only have a little time. I also put the artist's link so you can visit their page :D
1. I love her cute little girls !
2. I love it because her illustrations are so japanese.
3. I know Akira Ebihara's illustration from Sweet magazine (japanese) and fell in love at the first sight :p
4. I love the colors so much !
5. It's sand art ! what an amazing artist :))
FYI, I have a scanner now ! I've scanned some of my sketches, I wish I had time to color it by SAI :D

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