Friday, February 3, 2012

Say Hello , F R E E D O M !

HEY ! Final exam is oveeerrrr Photobucket

This is my assignments for "Shape & Form Analysis" .
"Drawing Principles" . I think this is not really good , I didn't have enough time to make it looks better :(
2 of my latest sketches :) My drawing style is not so-anime anymore ^^
 *le proud face*
YEAH ! It's holiday now ! Will spend my time in Jakarta for 2 weeks , okay I wish I could spend it in Pontianak my hometown Photobucket 
I will seldom update this blog but hopefully I could go to the internet cafe for blogging , and guess what I still have an assignment to do ! What the...!
I've downloaded some videos and going to watch it at home :) And FYI , I ordered a baseball/varsity jacket , hope it will be nice haul ^^

Bye ! :*

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