Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hairstyle & Tutorials

Here are some hair style I love , with some tutorials too :)
3 of my most favorite hairstyles ! I love to braid my bangs (it's so long now) , messy pony tail/hair bun (because I don't like to comb my hair when I tie my hair) , and the most often hairstyle , I tie/clip my bangs .

And some hairstyle (I never try) with the tutorials :
I love waterfall braid !

Hope my post can help you to find new hairstyle / hair do :) I will try new hairstyle if I have free time and show you of course :D I thought to dye my hair but my hair condition is so bad right now :( It keeps falling if I don't tie it T_T Any suggestion to solve this condition ?

photos are taken from : we heart it

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