Monday, December 19, 2011

Mags Review : nonno Dec Issue 2011

Say hello to my favorite magazine  nonno ! :)

I'm subscribed to this magazine you know :D I love the content of this magazine and the freebies are also nice . Dec issue comes with Heather small tote bag . The size is 225mm x 260mm x 110mm , a small pocket inside . Sorry for not taking photos , my camera is a trouble maker :(
Heather 10th anniversary ! ^^
I'm fond of Oxford shoes lately !
I love nonno because of the bunch-of-fashion-pages with nice style , nice outfit , nice hair-do , nice make-up and inspiring photos . A magazine that suits me very well :D
It also comes with beauty book and hair style file . Feel so sorry there's no any pics of them :( Wish I have a scanner !!

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