Friday, December 9, 2011

Keep Fighting !

Hey there ! :)
I feel like back to my early university life . Busy , bunch of assignments to do , and some group assignments . Tired of course , that's why I seldom read my favorite blogs , late replying your comments , or visiting any new interesting blogs . I sleep over midnight almost everyday , and guess what , wake up and then oversleep , go to university in a rush , I hate this -__- Seems like I have to change my bad habit . No sleep late anymore except to do assignments *not sure* :p
I'm tired , but yeah I enjoy it after all :D I ever felt depressed in the beginning , my friends' assignments so much better than me . Now , I'm trying to throw away that feeling . I just can do my best :) We have our personal style . Wish I can do much more better in the future :D Keep Fighting !
Here are my assignments :
 This is my drawing principles midterm test , got 80 for this :D
 First assignments after midterm , made an isometric drawing . I'm so happy my 'gerobak bakso' got 87 and it's taken by the lecturer as his document Photobucket

Shading... I love shading but I couldn't do it before , got the assignment about it and did it with passion ,'s still less dark Photobucket 
So I tried better in the second assignment , and this is it :D
Better , isn't it ? 

When people says my drawing is better , Okay , a little bit proud , happy , but it really makes me motivated to draw much more better :)
See ya on next post ! I'm tagged to answer some questions , will answer it later ! I'm back to Jakarta now , jaa na ~

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