Monday, November 14, 2011

Star Wars , Tin Tin

My traditional painting lecturer asked us to visit art gallery for our mid-term essay . My friends and I went to Grand Indonesia (GI) by shuttle bus . Hmm not really a bus -__- I went there 2 weeks ago if I'm not mistaken . Took photos using my friend's DSLR and I just got the photos last night . I'm not going to post the gallery photos here , okay , just the one I use for my test , I'm showing you some random shoot there , hehe...
Tri Wahyudi - 'Yudi dan kawan yang tertidur'
star wars
star wars
star wars
And I watched "The Adventures of Tin Tin" today ! It's awesome ! I love the story and the animation for sure! As an 'animation student wannabe' I really adore this movie's picture and effects ... For you who haven't watch it yet , it's a must to watch :p

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