Monday, November 21, 2011

Say Hello Kitty !

Hi there ! I finally went home 2 days ago :D Ate so much while did my assignment (yes , never ending assignments) , met my friends yesterday and I'm back to daily life again ..
Bought a pair of Hello Kitty earrings at Toys City , and my mom gave me Hello Kitty (kids) watch from Happy Meal McD . Errr so childish but I love it :p My hand is actually too big to wear that watch *sad* I love the earrings , so small and cute but I think I'll seldom wear it -_-
Heyy I finished my painting on canvas for the Traditional Painting midterm test , thanks God the score is not bad :) So happy I can increase my score :D Sorry for the bad quality of the picture :(((
I'm gonna go to my friend's room tonight to eat spaghetti ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) I will show you the difference of my drawings (around) 2 years ago and now on the next post :p Stay tuned :D :D

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