Thursday, December 8, 2022

Life Updates (again?)

Hola! It's been so long! I just renewed my domain, but sadly I can't use bigdreamerblog anymore :( So, just like my instagram id (and almost all social media id, lol), welcome to! I'm not sure I'll write regularly here, but I just kinda miss the vibes so here I am :p

I've been enjoying my time as a full time digital illustrator this year, there were some ups and downs, but in the end I unexpectedly enjoy it. But at the same time I had to sacrifice some of things I love like: playing Genshin for hours, read manga and watch anime anytime, and also neglecting my life as so called content creator T_T I really want to relive my blogger/ influencer/ content creator era!!

Anyway, just gonna write more about it on the yearly post, omg 2022 is ending soon.... There's something excited I'm gonna do at the end of this year , looking forward to it 😚😚 Stay tuned! :3 Jaa ne~

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