Saturday, August 17, 2019

#japobsOOTD: Mustard and Grid

Hola! Long time no outfit post here~ I'm actually wondering, do people still read blogs nowadays? To be honest I rarely do blogwalking anymore because I'm getting busier, or it's easier to browse Instagram or Pinterest, etc. Somehow I still love blogging, so I will spare some time writing outfit post again! I've forgotten the joy of writing blogs these past months.
This time I'm gonna show you my outfit to attend Choi Siwon's fan meeting. I was not really excited because my bias is Eun Hyuk, lol. But I still went there to at least meet my friends (working from home got me lonely). I usually wear t-shirts but this time I challenged myself to wear another clothes- girly top. Just grabbed any top because I was lazy to iron anything that day. It's my mustard top that my mom bought from Bangkok and black grid culottes that I wear countless times. Wear headband to look cute (aren't I?) and ready to go! It's my 'lancai' look but still presentable, hehe. 
Anyway, you can follow my instagram @japobs or #japobsOOTD to see more of my daily outfits and updates ;) See ya on the next post :*

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