Saturday, November 17, 2018

#japobsOOTD: My Effortless Looks (or just Lazy?)

Hola, Dreamers! I actually have posted these outfits on my instagram: @japobs. Do follow if you haven't πŸ˜‰ I think I'm kinda weird, I love fashion and love mix and match clothes, but I always wear something so effortless/ lazy. To be honest, it's so hot in Jakarta so I just want to wear comfy clothes like t-shirt with pants all the time. On another note, I usually use public transportation, that's why. So when I'm in the mood for it, I will wear something simple yet stylish either I forced myself to wear it from home or change it later at the office/ event venue (oh, effort). Here are some of them:

Wear this outfit to Holika Holika x Peko-chan launching event 2 days ago. It's a very simple outfit actually, but I gave a little touch of red beret hat to the look. My friend gave me this top/ dress, it's too long for top and too short for a dress, so I decided to wear it with this denim jeans from Someday. I love the look, tbh. 

My mom bought me this cute t-shirt from Bangkok, I paired it with my new black pants from This is April. Simple, comfortable, but still look cute. Agree? haha! 

One of my blogger friend asked me to go with her to an event (not actually an event but yeah, similar) and the dress code was black. I wanted to sell this top but maybe later, I need it for this event, lol. 

Had some contents to post on Instagram, so I wore this to the photoshoot. My bf said this look is weird T.T I really love the mustard stripe top that I got from bobobobo (it's the last stock on display)! Oh, can you spot my Donald Duck socks? Bought it at Myeong-dong and loveeee it πŸ’–

Another cute and comfy t-shirt from Bangkok (this one is purchased from my friend), which really made me decided to visit Bangkok a.s.a.p to go shopping! This was also an outfit that I wore to event, quite long time ago, but it's really effortless and still look good. All you need is a cute t-shirt ;)

Those are some outfits I posted on my instagram, please follow if you like it :)) Most of the days my outfits just not worth to share, hahaha. I really want to try challenge myself to wear proper outfit for at least week but it's so hard. I chose to sleep longer and just go to the office lookin' lancai. Will update if I can do that tho. Wish me luck! :p Last but not least, which one is your favorite look?

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