Friday, August 3, 2018

Event Report: #DitraktirManjaBeautynesia // Beautynesia Soiree 3.0

Hola, Dreamers! I was attending Beautynesia 3rd Anniversary event: Beautynesia Soiree 3.0 last Tuesday and it's pretty fun. I could meet my blogger friends after so long, I was spoiled by Beautynesia, did fun activities, took photos, and ate a lot. Oh, not to forget I got a looot of stuff too. Brace yourself because I'm gonna show you some snippets of the event and some products I got for free (+ quick review!).
The event was started at 4 PM (but we were told to be there at 3 PM tho) so before that we tried this DIY Japanese bag called Furoshiki- basically made from a piece of square wrapping clothes. There are many ways to do it, but it's pretty simple.
While waiting for the event to start, my friends and I went to the swimming pool and took some pics. The event was held at Harris Hotel at FX Sudirman, they have a lot of nice spots to take OOTD photos, especially the swimming pool and tennis court (didn't take pics there tho). 
 The first activity we did was Creating glam look for dinner with Pixy. We were given 30 minutes to create our own version. I made my eyeliner longer and thicker with their eyeliner- which was my first eyeliner! I also stated before that I looove Pixy matte lip cream, so I used it to create ombre lips. There was actually competition for this but I knew I wouldn't win anyway so yeah, just enjoyed it lol. 
After beautify ourselves, there was another treat from them, called #Ditraktirmanjabeautynesia. We got free stuff like massage, spa, clothes (for hijabers), and bra from Wacoal. We visited Wacoal store and they gave us travel bra- which is one of their latest products. This bra is a must-have for traveler/ travel enthusiasts because it's super convenient and we can save more space for another things in the luggage. Basically we can roll this bra but it won't change the shape of the bra. Cool, huh? 
Time was ticking, we waited quite long before starting the next agenda. The CEO was giving some speech about Beautynesia journey, blew up the candles on the birthday cake, and finally we got to eat. I was so hangry, lol. They served buffet so you can imagine how much I ate, can't you? :p
Last but not least, we were playing Bingo game and of course when it depends on luck, I never win :))) Oh, they also announced the winners for competitions like best OOTD, MOTD, and Harris Hotel challenge. I didn't win any tho :p
In the end of the event, we were given a loooot of products from sponsor brands such as:
Sponsored by :
Abstract Beauty: @abstractbeautyid
Ovale : @ovalebeautyid
Ellips : @ellips_haircare
Dari Ovale, aku dapet beberapa produk yaitu:
- Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water: air pembersih untuk membersihkan wajah dari kotoran, debu, maupun sisa makeup. Biasanya aku pake ini di saat malam hari untuk step pertama double cleansing. Micellar water ini juga mengandung Ekstrak Magnolio yang bisa mencerahkan kulit.
- Ovale Face Paper: khusus untuk yang kulitnya berminyak, kertas wajah ini efektif untuk menyerap kelebihan minyak tanpa merusak makeup. Di sore hari aku pasti pake kertas minyak, karena jam segitu biasanya wajah udah mengkilap karena minyaka. Setelah dipakai wajah jadi lebih segar dan nggak mengkilap lagi.
- Ovale Facial Mask: mengandung ekstrak ganggang laut, kaya akan mineral dan vitamin A, C, dan E. Masker ini dapat melembabkan, mengencangkan, dan meremajakan kulit wajah.
- Ovale Lulur Bali: lulur ini mengandung natural aromatic oil yang ngasih sensasi menenangkan saat digunakan dan ekstrak bengkoang yang dapat mencerahkan kulit. Butiran scrub-nya yang lembut mengangkat sel kulit mati dan kotoran. Biasanya aku gunakan lulur sebelum mandi (saat badan masih kering).
Produk lain yang aku dapatkan adalah Ellips dry shampoo dan Abstract Eyelashes. Untuk dry shampoo Ellips ini aku suka banget, soalnya bisa bikin rambut berminyak terlihat lebih bervolume dan mengurangi kilap di rambut. Selain itu dia juga nggak bikin gatel dan baunya nggak menyengat. Aku udah tulis review yang lebih lengkap tentang Ellips Dry Shampoo ini, cus baca di sini.
Salah satu nightmare penggunaan bulu mata palsu adalah yang berat dan kaku, setuju nggak? Dengan Abstract Eyelashes ini, kita nggak perlu khawatir karena brand ini menggunakan 100% human hair yang udah disterilisasi sehingga ringan dan terlihat natural banget di mata. Pssst, bulu mata palsu ini bisa dipake hingga 8x.

Brand Partner:
Martha Tilaar Spa : @marthatilaar_spa
Aveeno : @aveeno_id
The Clinic Beautylosophy : @theclinicid
Babor : @baborindonesia
Wacoal : @wacoal_id
Kokuo Reflexology : @kokuoreflexology
Suqma : @suqmaid
Pixy : @pixycosmetics
Viu : @viuindonesia
Harris Suites :@harrishotels
Health and Happiness : @h2_healthandhappiness
Happy 3rd anniversary, Beautynesia!

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