Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Polkadot Sleeveless Dress

polkadot sleeveless dress | bigdreamerblog.com
"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction 
ends up being the biggest step of your life."
Hi, it's already 1.00 AM and here I am writing this post. I was considering to write it tomorrow but I must go to work so I will end up writing this after work and I will fell sleepy again. ...and repeat.
polkadot sleeveless dress look | bigdreamerblog.com
polkadot sleeveless dress outfit | bigdreamerblog.com
polkadot sleeveless dress with outerwear | bigdreamerblog.com
Dress- Stradivarius // Outerwear- Gaudi // Slip-on- Stradivarius // Backpack- Zara
I wore this outfit to meet my friend, Kenezia a few months ago. The dress is from Stradivarius and it's kinda tricky for me. I don't like showing my arms because I think they look huge, but wearing this dress with any outerwear like denim jacket was a big no. It's just weird. Thankfully I have this black long outerwear from Gaudi and I think it's quite a match. My friend told me to take off my outerwear and she took a lot of photos but I didn't post it all here because I just...don't feel confident about it, hahaha. One thing I love from this dress is the frills part. As for my shoes, this Stradivarius slip-on is always a good choice for any casual and not-too-boyish outfit.
Oh, anyway the condition was soooo nice to take these photos. The sun was so bright and the results worth our sweat ;p Maybe this can be your reference to take outfit photos at Central Park Mall around 4.30 PM.

That's all, dreamers. I need to sleep or I won't be able to wake up early for work T_T Hope you enjoy this post and stay tuned for next outfit post! Jaa ne~

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