Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Be@rbrick Unboxing & Review

Hi, dreamers! Before updating you with new outfit post, lemme show you my latest toy collection: Be@rbrick! I've wanted this for a long time, thankfully Polid House sent me these 2 random boxes from series 30 and 31 to review.
Be@rbrick is designed and produced by MediCom Toys from Japan, often collaborated with some fashion brands or popular characters. They're celebrating 15th anniversary this year! It's usually sold individually in "blind box" assortments, so it's random and the only way to know what's inside is to purchase and open it yourself.
There are eleven theme in this series 30, and my favorite are Flag and that colorful Artist Gacky. Can you spot Rascal and Ted from this series? Actually all of them are cute I want them all...
It comes with this silver packaging which I think is a very cute design, and high quality. But of course you need to tear it ;p
artist bearbrick series 30
Yatta!!! I literally screamed when I opened the first box from series 30, lol. I've been eyeing for this one since beginning and I was super happy to get it. I really love the vibrant color of this Artist Gacky be@rbrick. I think the quality of the plastic and paint is excellent.
The second box is from their latest collection, series 31. There's even Batman in this series, lol. The packaging inside is the same with the first one so I don't include the image here.
animal bearbrick series 31
Yey I got the animal theme for this series and it's also so kawaii! It's like a girl looking to the right with cute sling bag. It's quite plain looking compared to that Gacky figure but I still love it.
So happy to get these super cute be@rbrick! I really love the designs, color, and quality of this collectible toy. I want to collect more! You can get this be@rbrick and another kind of toys from Polid House or Instagram: @polidhouse .
bearbrick animal
bearbrick gacky

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