Sunday, February 21, 2016

What I wore to Lembang ft. Elsa

What I wore to Lembang flower garden |
Happy Sunday, dreamers! How's your weekend going? I felt a little bit overwhelmed a few days ago but I'm totally fine right now :D I still have a lot of things to do but I decided to take it easy and do the best I can. Okay, that's enough. Let's talk about my outfit in this post!
I went to Lembang, Bandung a day after my graduation day with my family, grandparents, and aunts. I woke up at 3 A.M 2 day straight but I was so excited to finally go to Bandung again. I also wanted to show my grandparents and aunts about Bandung because they've never been there. We went to De' Ranch and Floating Market which I will tell more about it on the next posts. Anyway, I didn't know about Farm House yet at that time, I would've definitely gone there If I knew :( Maybe next time.
What I wore to Lembang |
I wanted to wear this Elsa jumper no matter what, lol. I bought it after visiting my campus to take my graduation stuff with my friend, Kene. I actually have been eyeing this one since I first saw it at Uniqlo, but it was quite expensive so I didn't buy it. Then, that day, we were strolling inside AEON Mall before attending the graduation rehearsal and we saw the jumpers were on sale. We're or not to buy? And finally those jumpers won, we ended up buying them. Mine is this Elsa one and she bought the one with Minnie Mouse on it. The temptation, duh.
What I wore to Lembang stone garden |
What I wore to Lembang ft. Elsa |
I wore the Elsa jumper with DIY distressed jeans and Converse sneakers. I wanted to wear something simple, comfy, and didn't felt like wearing short pants, so yeah. Luckily I brought a snapback and just as I predicted, I had a bad hair day afterwards. Another preparation I did is to bring a tee, because I was afraid the weather would be too hot to wear a jumper. Turned out it's cool and also raining for several times. 
That's all for this post. Please stay tuned for next posts :)

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