Thursday, October 8, 2015

Food Monster Escape: Hummingbird Eatery, Bandung

hummingbird bandung
Hi there, dreamers! I'm finally arrived safely in Jakarta last Friday. I was so lucky because it rained in Pontianak that day so my flight was not delayed *cheer*. I'm gonna update you with my Bandung Diary slash Food Monster series: Hummingbird Eatery is located at Jalan Progo No.14 , Bandung. I went there with my high school friends after lunch, so we just ordered some light snacks. Enough of babbling, hope you enjoy these photos!
Inside the 'bird nest'


Chicken Mushroom Quesadilla (IDR 69.5k)
My friends ordered these snacks while I was busy taking photos so I didn't know what exactly they're ordering, lol. This one was quesadilla filled with chicken and mushroom, and topped with Mexican tomato salsa, guacamole, and fresh yogurt. I love to eat it with the tomato salsa, it's fresh and made me want to chew more and more. Oh! I also love the mushroom ;)
Take a closer look. Drooling?
Wild Mushroom Soup (IDR 35k)
My friend Valens ordered this and she gave me a taste. I love mushroom soup to begin with, so this is yummm! I could taste the mushroom but somehow I also found it too "milky". Garlic bread was a good companion tho.
Sadly, I forgot this beverage's name. My friend Shelly ordered this and I also didn't taste it, but if I'm not mistaken it's smoothie.

Overall I love this place and I really want to visit again to try their main dish and cakes. Maybe I should ask my college friends to go there with me.

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