Saturday, June 13, 2015

Food Monster Escape: Mangkok Ayam

From the outside
Yoo, hungry dreamers! I must postpone the Dusun Bambu post because I haven't finished editing the video. I was so busy, I just had my internship presentation, submitted my internship report, and attended the tutorial class for TOEIC exam yesterday. I'm having the exam on Monday, please wish me luck! I have to take this exam to graduate.
Inside the mall
Back to this post, I won't write full review about the food because I didn't try all the food. I just took the photos of my friends' food. Gomen ne. Mangkok Ayam is a chinese food restaurant located in Istana Plaza, Bandung. Mangkok Ayam literally means that infamous rooster bowl. It caught my eyes because I always pass it whenever I went to Istana Plaza. I visited this restaurant with my high school friends, it's already noon so we're all so hungry.
I love the ambience of this restaurant. It looks vintage and nostalgic, somehow remind me of my hometown. There are some rooster, chicken, and duck decorations; some of them are for sale.


I ate this one
Left: Thai ice tea // Right: Hot tea
Mine was the hainam rice with roasted chicken and thai ice tea. I wanted to order dim sum as well but unfortunately it's sold out. I actually had high expectation for this restaurant, but it turned out just so-so. The taste of hainam rice was not what I've expected, it's kinda dry like nasi uduk. Roasted chicken also tasted so-so, not bad but nothing special. So did the sauce. The thai ice tea was good, although it's a little too sweet for me (I'm not a fan of sweets, rembember?) My friend said the bakmie (noodles) was delicious but I didn't taste it. For price, it's quite cheap compared to another chinese food restaurant. 

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