Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wanderlust: Jungle Land & Bidadari Waterfall + Video

Jungle Land
The inside. I will go there to play someday, soon!
I love the view of the parking lot!
Air Terjun Bidadari
Finally! This is the part two of my last wanderlust series in Sentul City. Gomen for the late late update because I don't have internet connection at my kost so I can't upload my video. I went home last week so I uploaded it at home and post this today. 
Still last christmas (haha!), I went to Jungle Land but it ended up as a simply visit because it's way too crowded, and hot. The sky was clear so I'm glad the photos turned out so good. I just bought ice cream there and then move to another place, the so called Air Terjun Bidadari. It's said that this waterfall is the waterfall in one of Indonesia folklore. To be honest it's my first time seeing waterfall up close and I love it. Looking forward for more waterfall trips in the future! I couldn't take photos closer because it's too wet. I didn't bring any spare clothes and got drench because of the water, so who cares I just enjoyed myself and bought new clothes later, lol. It's a nice day :) Please enjoy the video too, dreamers!

I need to back to work, jaa ne!

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