Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stay Lovely

Sweatshirt- Forever21 // Skirt- Unbranded // Suspender- Uniqlo // Socks- Topshop // Shoes- Online store // Tote Bag- Beams (freebie)
Yoo! A few days ago I accidentally spilled soup on my laptop and it's dead so I brought it to the service center. I was so worried it'd affect the hard disk and the worst scenario: lost all my data. I worried about my 4 years worth portfolios, photos (old and to-post on my blog), everything. Thank God it's all safe. I just submitted my final project report and got my files for internship today, so I finally can feel free (or not). I'm watching Bad Guys (나쁜 녀석들) now, it's so cool. Just my style, hahaha. And note that I started watching this because of Park Hae Jin. Sorry for fangirling.
So, back to this post. This is actually what I wore in New Year, which is a month ago. I went to the Baywalk Mall with my parents and brother, actually to watch the fireworks but I ended up miss it because I had problem with my stomach *sob*. I wore Forever 21 Bambi sweatshirt I bought in Singapore tucked in mint unbranded skirt and I add suspender to make it a little different from my usual style. I got the tote bag from mini magazine, love it because it looks sporty.
I'm gonna continue watching, so jaa ne!

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