Friday, November 7, 2014

Food Monster Escape: Aranzi Cafe

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I was so disappointed! This was all the cake they have that day :(
Kawaii sticker, wanted to buy it then forgot.
Cake packaging?
I actually wanted to sit here! It seems so cozy, haha.
Hi, kawaii people! I'm gonna review Jakarta's newest kawaii cafe, Aranzi Cafe! I visited it almost 1 month ago with my uni besties: Ticia and Kene. This is their first outlet, located on the Central Park Mall, 1st Floor, in front of The Duck King. I am not a sweet tooth, that's why I hesitated to eat the whole cake alone and told my friend to share with me. But what happened was: they only had one kind of cake and I was so disappointed, tbh. I wanted to try their fruit cake because it looks less sweet (). We had no choice, so we only ordered one cake and three beverages. Yes, one cake for three of us.

Monkey Coffee Caramel (IDR 65k)
So, this was the only one cake they had. Coffee? Okay, I love it. Caramel? Oh, no! I thought it would be soooo sweet but then it turned out not too sweet and fit my tastebud pretty well. It costed IDR 65k and I thought it's a bit pricey for a cake, but it's pretty big and tasted good too, so no regret. As you can see on the photos above, it's a monkey shaped cake. It's chocolate cake inside the mousse and topped with white chocolate as the face. The bottom part was crunchy and I think it's the caramel. You actually can taste the cake after eating some part of the mousse because it's at the center part of the cake, which is pretty small.

Shiro Usa's Raspberry Coffee (IDR 38k)
Have you ever tried coffee with berry before? This was my first time drinking coffee with raspberry aroma. Served with foam and cocoa powder in white (shiro) rabbit shape. It tasted a little sour, weird at first but it turned out not bad. It's totally a new taste for me! My reason to order this was: because it's rabbit and it's kawaii. Think about the taste later (笑).

Kuro Usa's Cafe Mocha (IDR 38k)
 My friend was the one who ordered this one, and I didn't take proper photos of it so I use her photo instead. It's also served with foam and cocoa powder in rabbit shape, but this one is the black rabbit (kuro). I did try and it tasted bitter. Just not my cup of coffee.

Custard Cream & Marshmallow Milkshake (IDR 48k)
My other friend ordered this milkshake, it's custard cream & marshmallow milkshake. I'm not sure the milkshake contained marshmallow or not, but it tasted a little bland. It would be nice if they make it sweeter. I love how they served it with Oreo, marshmallow, and kawaii Kappa!
Even the tissue was so kawaii~
Overall, it's not disappointing. I will come back if I have friends to share the cake so I don't need to pay that much *stingy*. Nah just kidding, it's because I won't be able to finish the cake alone without being dizzy of the sweetness. I would love to try another food, pancake maybe? 

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